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Simple minds, easily amused...

80% of life is just showing up

14 September 1983
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You're here. Whether by accident or intent, it doesn't matter, you're doomed anyway, so you may as well have a looksy.

There's not a huge amount to say that doesn't sound overly facetious; I was born sometime in the early 80s, which means I can remember the decade, but thankfully can't be ashamed of them (I can blame my parents for any fashion travesties anyone may try and blackmail me with).

I'm a lover of music, with a rather broad palette - though I *am* a musician, so my only prerequisite is that it has to have soul, and not sound like plastic cheese.

(If you don't understand that last sentence, just... don't worry) ;o)

There are too many pretty guitars that I want (need?) to buy. It's sad to know what your spare income for the rest of your life will be spent on by the time you're 15. But that's neither here nor there.

Look, chances are you maybe kinda like me, odds are that I'll kinda like you, so just say hi. I don't bite.

Unless you ask very nicely. Just don't tell anyone, mkay?